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It is our goal to have this meeting place that consistently has new sources of inspiration in the form of video workshops, interesting ideas, relevant articles and how-to’s, downloadable art and art supplies (like collage sheets, patterns, etc.), tips on new art supplies and books, random quirky stuff and a forum to share ideas and your own art via our Facebook Group. We want to have a smorgasbord of stuff that enhances your creative life.

Teesha and husband, Tracy Moore have followed Teesha’s gut for the past 32 years and by doing so have helped people live a more creative life through their art magazines, small art retreats, big huge art retreats, their workshops they have taught globally and their various other art endeavors.  It has always been their passion to help people use their creativity muscle more and create fun ways of doing so.

They started off many moons ago with their rubber stamp company, Zettiology, which changed the face of rubber stamps and launched an art movement of it’s own. A quick little google (image) search for “zetti art” will convince you. Their rubber stamps are for sale on  Next, they added some self published art ‘zines (some of the early one’s have sold on ebay for $500) called The Studio Zine, Play, and lastly, Art & Life. This lasted for about 10 years.   At the same time, they planned the first offbeat mixed media art retreat show called Artfest which has spawned numerous other events organized by them and others. This lasted for close to 20 years.  When Teesha had to come up with a name for her business 25 years ago, she wanted a term that told people that this wasn’t fine art but the funkier side of the genre.  She created Alternative Art Productions.  Now, the term Alternative Art is used in conjunction with mixed media, visual journaling, etc.

The Artstronauts Club is just the next big project they are having fun with. Teesha states;  “It feels huge to us in that we can bring all our creative ideas to a greater audience around the world at a price that is equal to a grande coffee latte once a month. We have always created a community in our ventures and this is no different. All our years of publishing, organizing, teaching, writing and making art is able to spill out in this forum.”

The subscription price is $5/month. For that you will receive full access to everything on the site from the very beginning (over 1000 posts). It is our goal to make this affordable to all, but also help us keep food on our table.  You may also pay for 6 months or a year up front to save even more.

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